by strip mall

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phone calls from the nighttime doorstep of ur wasted life


released April 21, 2017



all rights reserved


strip mall London, UK

i don't know her

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Track Name: drawing pins
has anyone told you you’re pretty ever
i could tell you you’re pretty whenever
people tell me i’m pretty sometimes
i’m starting to take it as a bad sign
did you like my hair better before
i can grow it back if you liked it that way more
i made a dumb joke and he got mad
i’m starting to take it as a red flag
“hey spit out your gum so i can kiss you”
so sweet but it only made me miss you
i’m so sorry i ever made you sad
you’re one of my top five favourites and you know that
you’re one of my all time favourites and you know that
Track Name: retail
i catch you at the drugstore
you're buying antacids for your mother
and you hold nobody above her
and that's always been part of our problem
quit telling our mutual friends lies about me
quit touching yourself while you're thinking about me
what are you gonna do with that art degree
starving smartly
i hope you're not happy
boy your spirit is weak and your flesh fails
and you're doomed to a life working retail
Track Name: gut party
can you spell "improvisational xylophone"
Track Name: crush
hey you know it well
don't say otherwise
catch you on the dark side
of the hundred foot chemical wave
in my foremost brain
max is doing his math homework all night
when i don't look at you directly
i feel mostly alright
sift through your dark matter
finally something you don't know
i guess it doesn't matter
sleep it off with my personal black hole
are you in there
your anxious skin disintegrates
we're decaying at an alarming rate
you're always so angry what did i do
do you like me better now i'm bitter like you
i'm mostly just meat when you grind me down
what is it you hate about me this time around
radiate contempt and damage the data
don't tell anybody okay and i'll see you later
Track Name: tetris
handheld videogames
Track Name: shark
i can’t see without my glasses
don’t let it soak through to the mattress
i’m almost over but never quite
you’re a black wire strung on a blue sky
you’re a shark in deep water
we sit on the diving board
i congratulate you on your open sores
you’re a bypassed hazard sign
you’re a half drawn bath in the dead of night
you’re a shark in deep water
Track Name: crude oil
i’ve never had an opinion ever
you’re a lighter flame on real leather
i’m so unhappy over you
just how you like me
who do you think you’re talking to
i drink crude oil out of the ground
and get all my clothes from the lost and found
and pick my teeth up off your front lawn
just how you like me
who do you think you’re passing judgment on
Track Name: russian doll
who did you call when your parents had you sectioned
you were hurting yourself for fun so they put you on antidepressants
nobody’s putting me up on their pedestal anymore
nobody’s calling me up from the hospital anymore
and i hate you for that
and i’m grateful for that
Track Name: oil rig
hey i see you inside of there
hey are you doing alright in there
blink once for yes and twice for no
if you want me for real won't you let it show