by strip mall

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released July 20, 2017



all rights reserved


strip mall London, UK

i don't know her

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Track Name: depth charge
you wouldn't know man you weren't there
eye for the radar and liquid air
don't think on the spark or the depth charge
hey isn't my life hard
he's coming down on the half life
big man with a hand on a bread knife
i'm out on the ice in my white socks
hey aren't i numb to the loss
but i keep your bones for glue
but i still hold out for you
pin your x rays to shadow the sun
hey are you primed to run
hey are you ready to run
Track Name: jawbone
hey there neutral shape
coloured black on a brain scan
blinded by an eyelash
i'll get it
just stay right there
what's another black hair
hey there futile hand
what can i do to make it better
i flinch at the word friend
are you done now
let's never discuss it again
i love you
under all that i lack
i love you
and you throw it right back
i touch you
you twitch at the contact
and i'm real mad
oh i'm so angry
i don't think it'll pass
hey there neutral shape
coloured in black
hey there neutral shape
coloured in black
Track Name: killer
hey arbiter
what would i do without you
hey killer
why did you cut your hair
and i don't see you right
and i give you a light
and i drink what we have
and i miss what we had
hey tiger
hey killer
hey winner
hey quitter
hey loser
hey monster
hey poser
hey killer
hey final word
why did you hurt me so bad
hey killer
what could i have done to deserve that
i don't see you right
and i give you a light
and i gave what i had
and you take what you can
Track Name: squid
pink mouth
close around
my sun
do better
red storm
pull me out
alive forever
please get better
you're still not right
hard pass
your mass
pins me down
you make me better
plastic packet
leather jacket
bruised black by
his pain and his pressure
please get better
i'm still not right
Track Name: sundowner
i resent you relentlessly
see you later
oh dear god i hate her
i defend you reflexively
learned behaviour
we leave early
cos that's what you wanna do
a mistake my computer made
coloured in blue
i resent you relentlessly