by strip mall

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released June 17, 2016



all rights reserved


strip mall London, UK

i don't know her

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Track Name: vape mom
i am so unclean
i keep having dreams
about taking a kid that i don't have
to therapy
i don't have a kid cos i'm eighteen
it's important i mention that
i would be so bad
i'd be the worst mom you could ever meet
my temper's short
my body's short
i can't reach things on high shelves
i still smoke socially
and i'm financially unstable
and probably always will be
i could take up vaping
and hate myself a little more
vape with all the other moms
outside the supermarket
or the preschool gates
poor kid poor kid can wait
vape mom
vape mom
vape mom
Track Name: just teeth
when you smile it's just teeth
it's a beautiful day for my allergies
all the tarmac melts in my neighbourhood
everybody round here knows that i'm no good

you make my stomach hurt
in your lace up sneakers and your hand me down shirt
i don't remember you right
when i dream we are driving and you're holding my hand too tight

when you smile it's just teeth
it's a beautiful day for hypocrisy
everybody round here knows that i'm no good
and there's nowhere to go in my neighbourhood
and there's nowhere to go in my neighbourhood
Track Name: igby
i’m crawling out the back window of your life
and you don’t mind
i’m growing in my wisdom teeth and it hurts bad
i don’t feel wise
i’m shaving my head in the bathroom
i look like shit in the halogen light all
washed out and sickly with puke on my sweater
is it raining
will you treat me any better now
i’m talking to the hospital therapist i hate her
see you later
in your holden caulfield t shirt unaware of the irony
you stylise yourself and i let you inside of me
i’m not bitter
but i sound it
i watch twin peaks obsessively
to drown out the sound of my
sadness cos it means nothing
it means nothing
it means nothing
and there’s nowhere to put it
and i am a quitter
i am a quitter
i am a quitter
Track Name: acid reflux
milkshake parking lot
twitch at each intrusive thought
blood bank needle stick
smile like i make you sick

february dies hard
fluorescent lighting breaks your heart
supermarket plastic floors
ask me is there something more
there has to be something more to this

seasonal depression blasts
your august into paper scraps
five wounds of unerring faith
broken jaw of your plastic saint

acid reflux shreds your throat
unfiltered cigarettes you smoke
lidocaine congealing blood
they only give me plastic cups
they only give me plastic cups here
Track Name: rampage
goodnight best friends
kick you out at 5am
sorry i had to
make jokes bout doing coke in the bathroom
no kidding
are we rockstars
or wall street bankers
sure we are
what a rampage
not a rampage
like my band page
goodnight midnight
burn in the glow of the moonlight
how poetic
total bullshit
the same thing
and i’m full of it
i like how jet planes
in the atmosphere
look like spacecraft
i like when you explain
things i already know
and i pretend to laugh
what a damn waste
what a good time
and i’m feeling fine
and i’m feeling fine
Track Name: femoral
i wish i had matthews hands
their dark significance
the crown of thorns
the spaces in between
you know what i mean
do you know what i mean
you are a victim
you’re no martyr and no saint
you are more morse code than symphony
the people that we weren’t are greater now
i wish i had been a boy
just for a little while
and shaved my head
and learned to skateboard
kickflip off the pavement
take my shirt off when it’s hot
talk about girls a whole lot
get high in the parking lot in late july
and never die and never die
i wish i had grown up
in someone else’s neighbourhood
in some small town
with nothing to do but feel
so the hurt is real
i wish i was a better catholic
i wish that i felt bad all the time
what would jesus do
if he were you
if he were you
i wish i were a statue
of the virgin in st peter’s cathedral
quiet and regal and bleeding
from my eyes
and never die
and never die