by strip mall

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weltgeistschmerz Just fuckin good Favorite track: planet x.
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released November 20, 2016



all rights reserved


strip mall London, UK

i don't know her

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Track Name: planet x
you’ve got a lot of rage
you’ve got to let it out
you’ve got to wash your hair
once a week or nobody
will like you
except for me cos i’m
like you
you’ve got a lot of weed
but i’m not so into that
we smoke all of my straights
we smoke till it’s getting late
i leave at seven
i don’t see you again
i won’t see you again
if i think too long i still get down about that
i bet you never think about that
i bet you’re too busy being sad
i bet you’re not busy and it’s sad
you’ve got your own planet
i’m not allowed on it
you’ve got your own planet
and i’m not allowed on it
Track Name: kids are mean
everybody you know
is trying too hard
everybody you like that way
is a cliche
on a birthday card
and so am i
do you wanna try
for real this time
cos it’s all so fucking hard
karl marx on your shelf
talk obsessively about yourself
and bands you don’t like but pretend to
so you seem cool to people who
don’t even like you
and they’re full of shit
and you don’t fit in
and your father drinks
and your brother hits
and your mother spits
and you’re bored of it
and you’re sick of this
and you’ll never fit
and you’ll never fit
and kids are mean
when you’re at school
take a gun to class
but you never act
network news
isn’t meant for you
cos you’re a waste
and your birthday cake
is burnt and stale
and you’ll always fail
and you’re over it
and you’re over it
and you’re over it
Track Name: dark souls
i’m so glad you’re here you said
cue inadequate groping in your bed
two hours later we’re pretending we’re over it
i’m so confused and i don’t know if i’m over it yet
go home afraid that i am taking advantage of you
can’t quite remember what i did or if you wanted me to
want to call and say i’m sorry for making it worse
i haven’t slept in several days and that is making it worse
i’m the fucking worst
you’re my best friend
and i don’t know if i’m yours
but i guess that depends
do you want to be friends
i just want it to end
i just want it to end
i just want it to end
Track Name: sunshine
nothing’s changed
we’re just really good friends like before
nothing strange occurs
so long as you sleep on the floor
nothing hurts too bad to bear anymore
change your shirt with your back to me
like i haven’t ever seen that before
do you wish i hadn’t seen that before
i can’t see without you
as cliche as it sounds
in a literal sense so i
traipse to your house
and i’m silently testing the unspoken rules
i’m a fool for your corduroys
am i a symptom of your pain now
do i wish you never liked me that way now
nothing’s changed
we’re just really confused like before
nothing strange occurs
so long as you leave a crack in the door
what are you texting me at three in the morning for
sick with this cold that you gave me
i don’t sleep so well anymore
and i shouldn’t sleep so well anymore
Track Name: nerve/ending
i'll see you there
flesh wounds, healthcare
self absorbed and unaware
and i'm not you so you don't care

fake smile, eyes black
like you'd know a thing about that
lash out and i hit back
leave before you start to feel bad
Track Name: supermoon
i didn't want to get spit on me