by strip mall

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released August 17, 2016



all rights reserved


strip mall London, UK

i don't know her

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Track Name: earthbound
you are standing on the plastic football field
in the suit your parents buried you in
and you never look around
and you never come around

you are sleeping off the chemotherapy
that you use to get you high
and your radiation skin
decays till you let me in

you are tubes and wires pierced
and threaded through your veins
and your split blue flesh
till you’re solved like a math equation
till they fix you and there’s nothing left

you are halloween on the fourth
of the last july and the cemetery sound
of your stuttering drowns you out
and you never come around anymore
and you never come around
Track Name: idaho
baseball is a solar affair
stitch satellites physical prayer
your gravity iron lung
everyone important already died young

break apart on reentry to earth
supersonic your mortal return
i’ll have you however you are
you scream at the sky from the backyard

late august i see you around
7th planet and you never look down
i am not enough keeping you here
8 minutes distance of nuclear fear

astral spectre in your hollow suit
run from the sound and the drugs and the prostitutes
i watch you from the ground
maybe i’ll see you around
maybe i’ll see you around
Track Name: pulsar
jupiter boy
cardinals fan
quasar burnout
baseball diamond
artichoke fields
cosmos hands
i'm not a good boy
but i'm your biggest fan
red star
blue moon
smoke in your nebulous bedroom
punk rock neutron abstract
i'm the morse code
trying to make contact
i just want to make contact
Track Name: zero
stars and stripes in your southern state
the jacket that your mother hates
off to make your great mistake
off to find your zero day

left hand blur on the midnight field
blistered palms from the hurt you wield
jet fuel boy with your chesterfields
zero rust on our man of steel

bottom ninth and you’re cased in glass
orbit earth that you’re falling past
two black eyes and the high won’t last
batting zero till you make it back

third degree are your spirit burns
science fiction and false concern
sunday school but you never learn
zero bones of the challenger

lightyear drugs and you travel far
cosmos vector that you are
darkest matter of my counterpart
zero warmth on your polar star
zero warmth on your polar star